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Past Harry S. Truman Legacy Symposium Conferences

2018 – Russia and the Cold War
2018 marked our 16th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium where we learned more about the Legacy of the Truman Administration and the history related to Russia and the Cold War.

Topics of discussion included:

“Origins of the Cold War”

“The Iron Curtain”

2017 – Latin and South American Policies
2017 marked our 15th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium where we learned more about the Legacy of the Truman Administration and foreign policy topics related to Latin America and South America.

Topics of discussion included:

“Truman, Cuba & a Troubled Legacy”

Watch Truman Administration and Latin America C-Span Video

Watch Truman’s Latin American Legacy C-Span Video

“Tolerant Truman: The 1952 Bolivian Revolution & United States”

Watch Truman and the Bolivian Revolution C-Span Video

2016 – The Legacy of the Korean War
2016 marked our 14th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium where we explored the great history and impact of the Korean War.

Topics of discussion included:

“The Evolving Legacy of the Korean War in American Politics and Society”

“The Korean War Remembered in the United Kingdom and Western Europe”

Watch U.S. and Latin American Relationship with Korea C-Span Video

2015 – The Public Healthcare Legacy of Harry S. Truman
2015 marked our 13th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium where we examined the history of healthcare in the United States.

Topics of discussion included:

“Historical Perspectives on America’s Healthcare”

“The Current State of Healthcare in the U.S.”

2014 – The Truman Legacy Symposium on Truman’s Nuclear Legacy
2014 marked our 12th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium where we examined the most controversial decisions of Truman’s legacy.

Topics of discussion included:

“The Decision to Use the Bomb” – Watch C-Span Video

“Truman’s Atomic Energy Legacy” – Watch C-Span Video

2013 – The Truman Legacy Symposium on National Security
The Key West Harry S. Truman Foundation and the Harry S Truman Library hosted the 11th annual Truman Legacy Symposium on May 17 and 18, 2013.

Topics of discussion included:

“The Institutional Structure of the National Security Establishment”

Watch President Truman and National Security C-Span Video

“The Long Societal Reach of the National Security Establishment”

Watch President Truman and Societal Effects of National Security C-Span Video

2012 – The Truman Legacy Symposium on Foreign Aid
The conference began on Friday evening, May 18, with a reception at the Harry S. Truman Little White House. The night featured good conversation, sea breezes, tours of the Little White House, words of welcome from the directors of the Little White House and from President Truman’s eldest grandson, and a keynote address by Senator Bob Graham of Florida.

2011 – The Civil Liberties Legacy of Harry S. Truman
A conference of prominent scholars that explored the Truman administration’s responses to the challenges to civil liberties posed by America’s obsession with communism and high profile spy trials. Topics of discussion included:

Liberty and Security, Part 1 – Watch C-Span Video

Liberty and Security, Part 2 – Watch C-Span Video

Ken Hechler on Civil Rights in the Truman Administration – Watch C-Span Video

Civil Liberties Legacy of Harry Truman – Watch C-Span Video

2010 – The Legacy of Harry S. Truman in East Asia: Japan, China, and the Two Koreas
A conference of prominent scholars from the United States, Asia, and Europe will explore the Truman administration’s halting progress toward the creation of a new geopolitical balance in East Asia following World War II. Topics of discussion included:

“Truman and Japan” – Watch C-Span Video

“Truman and China” – Watch C-Span Video

“Truman and Two Koreas” – Watch C-Span Video

Watch President Truman and General MacArthur C-Span Video

2009 – Truman & Congress: A Conflicted Legacy
Topics of discussion included:

“Presidents Working with Congress, from Truman to Obama” Watch C-Span Video

“Congress in the Truman Era” – Watch C-Span Video

“Domestic Policy” – Watch C-Span Video

“Foreign and Military Policy” – Watch C-Span Video

2008 – The Immigration Legacy of Truman
Truman Little White House and Truman Presidential Library sponsored a major educational event held in May 2008 on the timely topic of immigration. Topics of discussion included:

“Immigration Policy and Processes: A Federal Perspective”
Perspectives on Federal Policy and Federal Records Relating to Immigration

“Becoming a Citizen”
An oral history and essay contest awards ceremony sponsored by the National Archives, Southeast Region

2007 – Truman’s Legacy on The Environment
To learn more this past conference, please listen to our keynote
address from our fifth annual Truman Legacy Symposium held in June,
2007 on “Truman and the Environment: Los Alamos to the Everglades”. This was the sixth anniversary of President Truman’s dedication of the Everglades National Park on December 6,1947.

Listen to the dedication given by President Truman.

The conference was chaired by Dr. Karl Brooks of Kansas University. Click on these Quicktime links to hear Michael Grunwald, former Washington Post columnist and now associated with Time Magazine, give the keynote address:

These videos are made in Quicktime.
Please CLICK HERE to install a free Quicktime Movie Player.

2006 – Truman’s Legacy on Native Americans
Many would argue that President Truman did not have a Native American policy and that was the reason the fourth symposium chose to consider it. Truman saw the plight of native people and the reservation system as a civil rights issue. He would have preferred the elimination of Indian reservations and the assimilation of native people into the greater society. There were several major impacts on native people by President Truman’s administration. The GI Bill allowed native veterans the opportunity to obtain a college education and become teachers, doctors and lawyers. This, of course, led to additional opportunities in terms of Native people being self determining. A major piece of legislation was the Claims Compensation Commission that allowed Native people the opportunity to press their tribal claims in the federal courts.

2005 – Truman’s Legacy on the Quest For Peace in the Middle East and the Creation of the State of Israel
On May 14,1948, President Truman became one of the first world leaders to recognize the new State of Israel.

2004 – Truman’s Civil Right’s Legacy
President Harry Truman Was The First Us President To Address The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People. He Created The First Civil Rights Commission And Was Responsible For Writing Three Additional Executive Orders Dealing With Civil Rights: The Desegregation Of The Us Armed Services, The De-Segregation Of The Federal Work Force And The Requirement That Federal Contractors Hire Minorities.

2003 – Truman’s Legacy on National Security
The current US policies toward national security comes largely from the Truman Administration. The emergence of the United States as a super-power and the Cold War response are a result of the post war years. Truman is responsible for the Truman Doctrine, the formation of the CIA, the national security council, and the policy of containment.

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