Historic Preservation Projects

We’re committed to preserving the rich heritage of the Truman Little White House through careful restoration efforts. Our goal is to honor its historical significance while creating a welcoming environment that seamlessly blends the past and present.

Paint & Window Restorations

  • Seal windows by replacing weather stripping or appropriate material
  • Ensure windows close properly
  • Repair any rotted windows from water damage

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  • Remove debris underneath house
  • Bring electric to 2 places
  • Stabilize floor joists where necessary with smart jacks
  • Encapsulate crawl space
  • Install sump pumps to ensure moisture removal
  • Install French drains to pull water away from house

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Lightning Protection

  • Install air terminal on roof
  • Install Conductor Cable
  • Install ground connections/electrodes for the Protection System
  • Install installation plaque for Lightning Protection System

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Upgrade of HVAC

  • Upgrade and repair HVAC duct work in attic
  • Upgrade and repair HVAC duct work in crawl space
  • Re-attach duct lines to air deflectors
  • Secure leaking air to appropriate places
  • Install angled deflectors

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Sun Porch

The sun porch restorations at the Truman Little White House have transformed this historic space into a beacon of beauty and history.

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Roof Replacement

  • Remove historic shingles from 1911
  • Repair and secure tongue and groove sheeting
  • Install layer of grace ice shield
  • Replace historic barrage shingles
  • Repair water damaged facia board
  • Replace gutters

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