Festive Fall Things To Do In Key West

The leaves might not change color in Key West, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do here in the fall. From spooky ghost tours to sampling local Key lime pie, here are a few ideas of things to do in Key West during autumn.

About Key West

When fall hits Key West, it’s a sight to behold! Blessed with year-round sunshine and gentle breezes, fall in the Florida Keys is all about watching the sunset from one of the many dockside bars, taking out a boat to gaze at the beautiful water and wildlife or simply lounging poolside. People flock from all over to bask in some of the best weather imaginable, and fall is no exception. With its unique culture, stunning scenery and excellent food, there’s nowhere quite like Key West. So, kick off your flip-flops and enjoy fall in Key West! Also know about Key West facts!

Why Visit Key West in the Fall?

Inhale the balmy air, enjoy the beaches and dive into the crystal-clear aquamarine waters. A trip to Key West in the autumn will give you just this and much more. During this time of the year, discerning travelers want adventure sports, such as parasailing, fishing and snorkeling, available at their fingertips. Besides soaking in all these activities, revelers can also glimpse the cultural wonders of Key West with jazz events, film festivals, costume balls and haunted ghost tours — all adding to that perfect fall recipe served only in one place: Key West.

Visit Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson

A day trip to Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson aboard the Yankee Freedom Ferry is an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking a unique adventure in the pristine waters and abundant history of Key West, Florida. The journey itself is part of the excitement, as the ferry whisks you through crystalline turquoise waters teeming with diverse marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins, and an array of tropical fish. Upon arrival at the park, guests can explore the magnificent and well-preserved Fort Jefferson, a 19th-century coastal fortress with impressive architecture and fascinating stories of maritime battles and pirate lore that will captivate visitors of all ages. The park’s pristine white-sand beaches offer a perfect environment for relaxation and sunbathing, while the vibrant coral reefs invite snorkelers and divers to discover the colorful underwater world thriving just beneath the waves. With opportunities for wildlife viewing, swimming, picnicking, guided tours, and even camping, Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson are both a natural and historic wonderland that will create lasting memories for your group.

Visit Gardens and Museums

Known for its lush gardens and serene beaches, the island also contains numerous museums chock-full of history and culture. Explore the Truman Little White House, where you can learn all about President Truman’s time in Key West. Immerse yourself in the past with a trip to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, or get lost in the beauty at the Audubon House & Tropical Gardens. With so much to offer, Key West is perfect for fall: explore without getting cold and marvel at the amazing stories each stop has to tell!

Audubon House & Tropical Gardens

The Audubon House & Tropical Gardens is a stunning Key West estate that is truly fall-ready — with vibrant fall foliage and flowering trees replacing the bright summer blooms that dominate the tropical gardens in other seasons. The natural beauty of the outdoors combined with the eclectic artworks housed inside the historic house are an unforgettable experience. And, if fall is followed quickly by winter in your hometown, you may just want to extend the visit and stay warm all year long!

Truman Little White House

The Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida is a dream come true in the fall. Not only is it a museum dedicated to its famous former resident, President Harry S. Truman, but its unique location — with temperate weather and spectacular views of the glistening ocean — makes it a favorite fall spot. Good vibes emanate from this historic place, with fall being the perfect time to soak up some sun and learn a bit of presidential history while you’re at it! Whether you visit during the rainy, summer or the mild winter, the Truman Little White House is a must-see destination year-round.

Sails to Rails Museum

Embark on a journey through Key West’s maritime past at the captivating Sails to Rails Museum. Discover the remarkable transition from sailboats to steamships and railways that shaped the island’s history. Explore meticulously preserved artifacts and interactive exhibits, including the opportunity to lift a real silver bar and delve into maritime tales. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Key West’s rich heritage with a Fort Jefferson diorama, offering a glimpse into the island’s strategic importance.

Ernest Hemingway House and Museum

Fall is a beautiful season to visit the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum in Key West, FL. With its gorgeous grounds dappled with fall colors and over 40 cats, it’s no wonder so many tourists flock here annually. The museum itself is full of artifacts belonging to the author and Nobel Prize winner. Visiting this special place means taking a walk through history. So, if you’re looking for something fun and unique to do this fall, look no further than a tour of the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum!

Water Sports Adventure

A fall vacation to Key West is the perfect opportunity for a water sports adventure! Whether you want to head out on a kayaking expedition, hit the surf for some stand-up paddleboarding or go snorkeling in the warm waters, there are plenty of options to explore and to make memories that will last a lifetime. The variety of outdoor water activities available on this stunning island gives vacationers an array of choices that are sure to create an unforgettable experience.

Snorkel the Reef

There’s no better way to fall into fall than a snorkeling adventure in Key West. A must-do for every adventurous traveler, snorkeling the reef is a unique experience for all ages. Picture gliding over colorful coral and brightly colored sea creatures — it’s an absolutely fascinating experience. So, don’t let fall pass by without exploring the only living coral reef in North America!


Key West is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with the chance to witness the vibrant colors of autumn set against the crystal-blue waters. Thrill seekers looking for a unique way to explore the beauty of paradise, put on your life jacket and grab a paddle!

Fishing Charters

Fall is the perfect season to book a fishing charter in Key West! Nothing beats spending a day on the open seas with experienced captains at the helm, hunting for marlins, tunas and other abundant fish. It’s a unique experience — basking in the sunshine of the Florida Keys while also exploring some of Key West’s lesser-known underwater treasures. No matter if you’re out on a two-hour jaunt or an all-day excursion, make memories and stories to last far beyond this brief autumn holiday.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy Key West in the fall! The wind on your face and the sun on your back make it a great experience. It also provides an excellent opportunity to explore Key West at a leisurely pace — there’s no better way to check out Key West’s spectacular sights than by soaring over its crystal-blue waters. And, with perfect weather conditions, any day can be the perfect day for a Jet Ski adventure!

Visit Mallory Square

Fall is the perfect season to take a visit to Mallory Square in Key West. Nestled on the vibrant waterfront of Key West, Mallory Square offers fall colors and temperatures missing from other shoreline locations. By day, nothing beats exploring its tropical beauty while taking in some of its unique attractions, such as watching a Sunset Celebration with its talented street performers or getting lost in local art and cuisine. By night, locals and tourists can come together at this iconic Florida destination for delightfully varied experiences that put a new spin on fall: from boat cruises under a star-studded sky to live music echoing in the background.

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